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WebStart for New Windows User Setup

A man looks at a computer screen with WebStart instructions on it.

Don’t Image That Machine!

Need to reconfigure a Windows computer for a new end user? Say goodbye to your computer imaging software. You don’t need it anymore, and you don’t need to spend a ton of time building a new profile for the user.

Ezdeploy’s WebStart deployment tool makes it easy to get that machine ready for the next user.


Provision From a URL

Start by building out the ezdeploy configuration profile. See below for details about that.

Then, set a few simple parameters, including a custom vanity URL, RMM agent information, and a welcome message.

The end user enters the URL and PIN into the browser, which then displays step by step instructions to get started. About a minute later, it’s off to the races.

No, really. We’re serious. That’s it! Sit back and enjoy knowing that when the process is complete, the computer will be freshly configured for your new end user.


The Provisioning Configuration Profile

The configuration profile is a package that contains all the important customized settings that you need to put onto the computer:

  • The apps you want installed provided by Chocolatey
  • Custom installers of your own from cloud storage
  • ConnectWise Automate RMM agent
  • Powershell scripts
  • Power off when finished
  • Windows Security & Feature Updates
  • Time zone
  • Disable UAC
  • Debloat the machine, remove pre-installed software
  • Configure build notifications to notify the user that deployment is in progress
  • Power settings (not a difficult task, but it’s tedious to set on every machine for plugged in and battery power settings)
  • Custom computer naming rules allow you to use your own naming convention. Choose from a combination of text, serial number, auto-incrementing numbers, and more.
  • There’s more than we can list here. We recommend attending a demo to see how robust the product is.


Got Updates?

Say goodbye to manual updates: WebStart packages are MSI packages that can be deployed by InTune or other RMMs to periodically re-apply settings and keep chocolatey apps up to date.


The Best Tool for Setting Up a New Windows User

To sum it up, ezdeploy is your one-stop shop for provisioning a new end user onto a computer or periodically re-applying settings and updating apps.

Did we mention that most of our plans allow an unlimited number of deployments? Learn more by attending a live demo!

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