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OneTouch Deployment for the Windows Out of Box Experience

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Imaging vs. Provisioning

Let’s set the record straight. ezdeploy is not a computer imaging tool. Rather, it’s a provisioning tool. Your Windows Out of Box Experience or Windows Deployment Service will install a clean version of the operating system; ezdeploy will configure the machine for your end user. Goodbye, ghosting software!

Whether you’re an IT Pro at a company that just got a bunch of new computers or an MSP who needs to do a fresh install of Windows on a group of machines, we’ve got you covered.


Set It and Forget It

It literally is this easy:

Put your OneTouch Provisioning Package (PPKG file) onto a FAT32 non-bootable USB drive. Read on for more about the configuration file.

Next, plug the USB drive into the computer and power it up. When the Windows Out of Box Experience displays the region selector, use the Windows key to access the “magic menu.” From here, select the desired provisioning package, enter the password that you set up, and let the magic happen.

No, really. We’re serious. That’s it! Sit back and enjoy knowing that when the process is complete, the computer will be 100% ready for your end user to log into and use.


The Provisioning Configuration Profile

The configuration profile is an instruction set that contains all the important customized settings that you need to put onto the computer:

    • The apps you want installed provided by Chocolatey
    • Custom installers of your own from cloud storage
    • ConnectWise Automate RMM agent
    • Powershell scripts
    • Power off when finished
    • Windows Security & Feature Updates
    • Time zone
    • Disable UAC
    • Debloat the machine by removing pre-installed software
    • Configure build notifications to notify the user that deployment is in progress
    • Power settings (not a difficult task, but it’s tedious to set on every machine for plugged in and battery power settings)
    • Custom computer naming rules allow you to use your own naming convention. Choose from a combination of text, serial number, auto-incrementing numbers, and more.
    • There’s more than we can list here. We recommend attending a demo to see how robust the product is.

The Best Tool for Setting Up a New Windows Computer

To sum it up, ezdeploy is your one-stop shop for provisioning brand new computers using the Windows OOBE or those needing a fresh install of Windows using Windows Deployment Services.

Did we mention that most of our plans allow an unlimited number of deployments? Learn more by attending a live demo!

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