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How To Download Direct Links For Popular File Sharing Solutions

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In this newly remote world, many of our day-to-day assignments include sharing files and projects with our team online. When someone sends you a link to a document on OneDrive or similar, you must click it, open a web page, and then click download again. This becomes tedious after a while. Are you trying to setup a direct download of your file from OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive? Check out these tricks below to get the correct URL for a direct download.


  1. Copy Share link
  2. Append &download=1 to the end of the URL


  1. Copy the Share URL
  2. Change the end of the URL from &dl=0 to &dl=1

Google Drive

  1. Share the file as “public”
  2. In the share dialog, select and copy the “File ID”.
  3. Append &id=YourIndividualID to the end of the URL
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